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Sharing Educators
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Our Services


We offer a comprehensive range of expert guidance and support to help schools navigate the everchanging landscape of education. Our team of highly qualified consultants is here to assist you by offering targeted and customized services to meet your needs. 


We have a deep understanding of the challenges educators face.  We work with organizations, companies, schools, and educational institutions to design curriculum, implement new programs, manage projects, and provide development for all stakeholders. 


Our professional development services are designed to empower educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to excel in their roles. We offer a wide range of workshops, seminars and training sessions that cover a diverse range of topics, from innovative teaching methods to the integration of technology in the classroom. 

What Our Clients Say

Sharon Devereaux


“As an Administrator in charge of overseeing the educational development of my district, I have been fortunate to receive invaluable curriculum support from SEAM Plus. Their expertise has truly transformed our schools. Our district has seen significant improvements in instruction and student achievement. They have helped to make education meaningful, memorable, and fun for our teachers and students.”

Joseph Konefsky


“I am grateful for SEAM Plus, as they have assisted in helping our teachers use data to drive instruction. They provided professional learning that was enlightening and inspiring for our  staff. Our teachers really appreciated the high quality resources. ”

Madeline Boyd


“I can honestly say, I enjoy working with the SEAM Plus team. They have a strong passion for education.  I attended their Back to School seminar and participated in 1:1 Coaching for Classroom Management. They bring a certain level of energy and innovation that is inspiring. I found my coach to be personable and helpful.”

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"When Educators collaborate, innovative ideas are shared, professional growth takes place, and a supportive network unfolds."

Dr. Mary McFarland-McPherson

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