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Sharing Educators Achieve More

Welcome to 
SEAM Plus 

Sharing Educators Achieve More

  • Online Tutoring Services for Students 

  • Professional Learning & Coaching Services for Adults

  • 1:1 Customized Sessions

  • Small Group Sessions

  • Large Group Sessions

  • Presenter for Events

  • Training Services

  • Project Management Contractor

  • Instructional Design Consultant



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Our 1:1 private, small group, and large group online sessions are taught by highly qualified and certified educators. 

Sharing Excellence Achieves More



Tutoring provided for students in 2nd -8th grade. 

Small GrouP 

We provide classes for smaller groups of students. 

Reading Support

We provide support for Reading, Language Arts and more. 

Math support

We provide support for math and standardized test support. 

"Every person deserves a champion - a coach who will
never give up on them, who understands the power of
connection and insists that they become the best they
can possibly be".
  - SEAM Plus

Small group personal and professional growth coaching and training.

30 - 60 minute online or in-person events

Resources and exclusive offers for future events.

Strategies and activities to empower growth.


I worked with the mother and daughter duo at the Training Center. They made the training fun for me and my son. I was able to walk away with resources I could use as a parent and in my classroom. - L W.illiams

Dr. Bester worked with me to prepare for my Nursing Exam.  She was a great coach. Dr. Bester

was patient, entertaining and passionate about helping me to reach my goal. I passed my exam. - T. Newman

My child worked with several tutors at SEAM Plus. The program is challenging and I love it. My son

has learned concepts both at and above his grade level.  - J. Seely

I feel like the teachers at SEAM Plus have become a part of my family.  They are personable , approachable and

helpful in helping my children do well in school - P. Curb

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Work toward the goal you have envisioned with a plan in a place. 

We believe that effective professional development should be ongoing, goal-oriented, supportive, collaborative, reflective, and focused on the needs of our partners. 

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