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Be Resilient

Updated: Nov 3

by Dr. Karla Bester

Resilience is an important factor in the success of what you do, as it allows you to stay focused and motivated even when faced with difficult tasks or challenges. Here are some tips to help you develop resilience:

1. Develop a Growth Mindset – Be encouraged to view difficult situations or mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. Think about what can you take from a difficult experience and how it can develop your skills.

2. Celebrate Small Wins – Celebrating achieving small goals will help to keep your motivation and morale high. Celebrating the completion of tasks or even just showing up for work with intention can help you to stay positive and motivated.

3. Develop Positive Self-Talk – Remind yourself to focus on your successes instead of dwelling on failures. Reinforce the importance of being kind to yourself and replacing negative thoughts with positive self-talk.

4. Establish a Support System – Build strong relationships in the workplace and establish a support system of colleagues that you can turn to for help when things become challenging. A good support system can provide emotional and moral support, especially during difficult times.

5. Practice Self-Care – Stress and pressure can wear you down over time, so it’s important to make sure you practice self-care regularly. I encourage you to take regular breaks, get enough sleep, eat nutritious meals, and exercise to stay mentally strong.

Developing resilience can help you to be more productive and successful. It enables you to overcome challenges and stay motivated to keep going. Hang in there. Be encouraged. Don't lose sight of your "why", and continue to be resilient.

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