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Go the Distance

Updated: Feb 8

Center for Learning Effectiveness

Life is like a marathon. Everyday I am training to be a steady, strong, passionate, and committed.

I know I can go the distance because I train constantly. My mindset includes daily positive self-talk, affirmations, and meditation. With these, I can be successful for the long haul.

Keeping my self-talk positive gives me an optimistic attitude. It levels out drastic ups and downs of life and helps me maintain focus on my goals. Even when I meet challenges that try to slow me down, I remain strong and keep moving forward.

I may need to step off my path for a bit, but my positive self-talk gets me back on track in record time.

When I make a mistake, I avoid beating myself up about it. After all, everyone makes mistakes! I learn what I can from it and continue my trek.

Like positive self-talk, affirmations help keep me on track. They affirm the qualities I wish to strengthen, help break bad habits, and aid me in making wise choices. I say them aloud every morning, night, and whenever I am tempted with an unwise choice.

Affirmations allow a positive flow of thought to urge me forward, like a wind at my back.

Meditation lets me visualize my destination and the rejuvenating stops along the way. Seeing and feeling the emotions of my dreams through meditation keeps them real. Meditation fuels my passion and commitment so I will never lose sight of where I am meant to be.

Today, I plan to consciously train myself for the long haul and renew my strength, passion, and commitment for the life I desire.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I let challenges stop me in my tracks?

2. Am I truly committed and passionate about achieving my goals?

3. What do I feel would be most effective to train myself for the long haul?

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