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What is Effective Professional Learning or Development?


  • Job-embedded: Professional development directly linked to teachers' classroom practices and integrated into daily work routines is more effective than one-time events or workshops.

  • Collaborative: Professional learning communities, or a group of individuals working together to support one another’s professional growth, have shown to be an effective approach to professional development.

  • Sustained: Effective professional development is ongoing and promotes continuous learning and growth rather than short-termed & isolated.

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  • Needs-based: Needs, feedback, and input should inform professional development. It should be designed to address specific needs.

  • Evidence-Based: Professional development emphasizing research-based practices is more likely to improve outcomes.

  • Content-Focused: Professional development should be focused on specific content areas and practices related to the curriculum and instruction.

  • Technology: Incorporating technology thoughtfully can be an effective strategy for professional development.

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Small group personal and professional growth coaching and training.

30 - 60 minute online events

Resources and exclusive offers for future events.

Strategies and activities to empower growth.

Young Businesswomen

We love working with our clientele of professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, leaders, and more. SEAM Plus professional learning services are for adults who want to grow, expand their current skill set, build a growth mindset, and achieve more targets than what could have been accomplished independently. 


Professional Learning Courses, Topics & Events

  • Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

  • Test Prep Strategies for Daily Instruction

  • The Center-Based Classroom

  • Classroom Management Strategies that Work

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Teacher Leadership Development

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • Teacher Wellness

  • Student-Centered Learning 

  • Inquiry-Based Instruction

  • Using Data to Drive Instruction

  • STEM & STEAM Schools Support

  • Math Games to Engage Students

  • Leadership Bootcamp for Administrators

  • Branding My Business 101

  • Developing a Business Plan 

  • Growth Mindset

  • Leadership and Team Management

  • Business Strategy and Planning

  • Risk Management and Strategic Decision Making

  • Innovation and Product Development

  • Leadership Styles and Strategies

  • Conflict Management and Resolution

  • Goal Setting and Creating a Vision

  • Parents Empowered to Raise Winners

  • Mega Reading Strategies for Literacy Instruction

  • Coaching and Mentoring for Educators

  • Customized Topics and Training

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