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About Us

Seam Plus is an Educational Consulting Company that is dedicated to providing support to Educators and Learners. With a passionate team of experienced consultants, we are committed to transforming education and empowering educators and learners to reach their full potential. 

Our Background

We have built a legacy helping educators and professionals for more than 20 years. Our mission is to empower educators and learners with professional and character excellence, driven by high quality professional learning opportunities. We strive to provide exceptional guidance, support, and resources to facilitate instructional and academic success, personal growth and life long learning. 

By leveraging our expertise in education and staying in the forefront of research and best practices, we aim to make a positive impact on individuals and the education community as a whole.  We are committed to fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment that values diversity, innovation, and excellence in education. 

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Our Focus

At SEAM Plus, we are focused on providing educational services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have provided professional learning services to educators for more than 20 years to educators, students and parents across the world. We take pride in providing engaging and interactive activities with individuals, small groups and large audiences. 

We believe that effective educational consulting and professional learning is:

  • High-quality

  • Job-embedded

  • Collaborative

  • Sustained

  • Needs-based

  • Evidence-based

  • Content-focused

Together, sharing educators achieve more. We can create a a brighter and more successful future for all. 

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