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Colleagues Working Together

What is Effective Professional Learning?

SEAM Plus: Sharing Educators Achieve More

  • Job-embedded: Professional development directly linked to teachers' classroom practices and integrated into daily work routines is more effective than one-time events or workshops.

  • Collaborative: Professional learning communities, or a group of individuals working together to support one another’s professional growth, have shown to be an effective approach to professional development.

  • Sustained: Effective professional development is ongoing and promotes continuous learning and growth rather than short-termed & isolated.

  • Needs-based: Needs, feedback, and input should inform professional development. It should be designed to address specific needs.

  • Evidence-Based: Professional development emphasizing research-based practices is more likely to improve outcomes.

  • Content-Focused: Professional development should be focused on specific content areas and practices related to the curriculum and instruction.

  • Technology: Incorporating technology thoughtfully can be an effective strategy for professional learning.

Conference Break Time

Small group personal and professional growth coaching and training.

Online or in-person events

Resources and exclusive offers for future events.

Strategies and activities to empower growth.

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